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Fuel Tanker Trailer

The 3 axle 50000 liters stainless steel tanker for sale in Benin is a round tank made of high-strength steel or aluminum alloy, and the interior is made of stainless steel or lined with plastic, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high
The 3 axle 45000 liters aluminum petrol tanker trailer for sale in Benin has a relatively high load capacity, and can be customized according to needs in actual use to meet different transportation needs.
The transportation cost of the 3 axle 45000 liters diesel tanker for sale in Benin is relatively low, which can save a lot of transportation costs.
Compared with traditional freight semi-trailers, 3 axle 40000l fuel tanker for sale in Benin usually use thicker steel plates and stronger supporting and connecting structures to ensure their stability and safety during driving.
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